Gym Log Book A4 Diary

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Gym Log Book A4 Diary


Designed by the no-nonsense fitness specialists at The Strength Factory, our Gym Log Book was created not just to passively record your gym efforts, but help you build and maintain a fitness schedule that gets you measurable results.

– High-quality A4 ringbound Gym Log Book
– Strength training focused
– Hardback for durability
– Plan weightlifting sets, repetitions, weights, intensity, tempo and rest, all on one sheet.
– Track pre, intra and post workouts, as well as mood and session quality.
– 50 Pages (4 weeks per page) -see a month’s progress on one sheet!
– Full colour (black & red)



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Why our gym log books are the dog’s bollocks?

We’re a team built on results and maximum effort – strongest wins, and we found that many other workout log books didn’t account for vital parts of a workout routine, or were overcomplicated or incomplete.

This simple workout log is different – it allows you to plan and record the most vital factors of your workout, week by week, allowing you to create a more effective fitness training program.

Versatile to allow for variation and scaling up your training routine, this gym diary is long-term, and features 50 pages (4 weeks per page), allowing you to track your progress easily and effectively.

Why use a gym diary?

Do you ever lose track of your gym routine or use machines at random?

Logging your workouts, lifts and reps not only keeps a handy record of your achievements, but helps you stay motivated – the single most important thing in fitness. It keeps you focused, allows you to manage your goals effectively, and in the case of this gym log book, helps you track the effects such as your mood, motivations and gains.

Progressive Overload Diary

We’re strength specialists, and understand the need for progressive overload – training harder to improve with each set and repetition, while reducing rest time, weight, volume or frequency to maximise the results from your efforts.

This is where our strength training log book comes into its own – ensuring that you’re making consistent progress with your routine.

Beginner to pro fitness scheduling

Whether you’re just starting out on your fitness journey, or you’re looking to take your strength training to a new level, this work-out log book can help you achieve your goals.

Designed for maximum flexibility as your fitness regime evolves, Strength Factory log books are used by our new members, as well as our pros and personal trainers.

Order your gym log book today

We want you to get the best out of your workout, and that’s why we price our high-quality, in-depth log books to move.

Take a huge step towards your fitness goals by choosing not to settle for second best.

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