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Watch through the fat loss seminar
below this will give you a detailed insight into everything you need to think about when it comes to getting in great shape.

step 1.

Select your training program Using
the link below. you will find 3 different programs to choose from. select
the program that applies to you based on how many days a week you can commit to training.


Head over to the calorie counter below and input your details:
(height, weight, sex, activity level)
Be as accurate as you can.
Select ‘weight loss’ and
this will give you a rough number
of how many calories you will
need on a daily basis. This is an
estimate and will need to be trialed.


Once you have a calorie goal use the link below to browse the pre-written nutrition plans. Select the plan that is closest to what the calculator gave you. Trial these calories for at least 2 weeks to assess your progress using the tracking methods below.


Once you have your training and nutrition plans watch this short video on how to accurately track
your progress on a weekly basis. This
is paramount for assessing if
you’re progressing or not.