The Home Workout Series

Bodyweight exercises are one of the simplest ways to get into resistance training.

They don’t require barbells, dumbbells, or gym memberships, they’re easy to learn, they can be done anywhere, and they can help you get into great shape.

According to some people, bodyweight exercises are not only all you need to gain all the muscle and strength you could want, they’re also better for burning calories and fat than other forms of resistance training and are a more “functional” way to get fit.

How true are those claims? Can you really build the body of your dreams in your living room?

The short answer is this:

While bodyweight workouts can help you get in shape, and especially if you’re new to resistance training, they aren’t as effective for muscle and strength gain as heavy, compound barbell and dumbbell training.

Download this PDF, and follow the body weight exercises at home.

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